Sunday, November 21, 2010

Couture Christmas

I did it, y'all! I got my new laptop ordered for Christmas! And I'm super excited.
But, what I'm more excited about is....

THIS JUICY COUTURE WIRELESS MOUSE! Yes, it's a splurge. A huge one. $68 in fact. And yes, my heart wanted the pink one. But my head said "Go with the silver, it will go with whatever laptop skin you want!"  
(Plus the silver just looks more expensive, in my opinion)

So, this brings me to my next question. Do any of y'all know where to get a super cute laptop skin? Vera has some cute ones, but I don't know, now that I ordered the Juicy mouse, I just feel like I need one that's a tad more on the glamorous side...and you know I would get a Juicy laptop skin to match...I just can't find one :/ Any ideas?
Hope you guys are having a blessed Sunday, and have a good week!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sorry It's Been So Long! ):

I've been super busy with a lot of stuff lately, and haven't been able to post. Thankfully, I think I'm getting a laptop for Christmas, so I should be able to blog more around that time. 

I'm also super excited that my Fall Break starts on Wednesday. I'm sick of school, bleh. All the school days just drag by now.

I've been making TONS of cupcakes lately. I've been hired as a little side job to make some for a little boy's birthday next month, and I have to make a batch for Tuesday as well. I'm glad to know people love eating my cupcakes as much as I love making them! It puts a smile on my face.

So much has happened since I last posted that I don't even know what all to say! Nothing too overly exciting of course. 

But you guys remember how I said I had reserved the Vera Bradley stuff in my last post? Well, I went back last week and also reserved a makeup bag in Hello Dahlia. And the store also had this really cute orange magnet board, and the owner had just tied a purple bow in the corner, it was so presh! So of course, I had to reserve that, too. How can I turn down something cute AND Clemson? It's just not possible.

I'm also starting to regret not signing up for powder puff football this year, but practices were everyday after school, and quite frankly after 8 hours of school, I WANT TO GO HOME. But, I'm definitely going to do it next year, because I feel like I missed out!

I hope you guys have been doing great!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vera, Vera, Vera!

I am just soooo excited, y'all! On Friday, I went to a local shop called Company's Comin' and I reserved three Vera items for Christmas, so my mama could come back and buy them. But hey, she told me to! So I did!

I love cooking, and anything to do with it, and I've been looking for ages for a cute apron. In fact, as we speak, I'm writing down family recipes down in a composition book until I can get a cute journal (Vera Bradley or Lilly Pulitzer!) to write them down in, since I haven't seen any cute recipe cards and holders lately.

So look what I found when I was in there! An apron gift set from Vera's holiday collection! I was so excited. My favorite color of Vera's is Hello Dahlia, and I absolutely have to have everything in that color! This is one of the three things I reserved for my Christmas presents: 
It comes in a cute little cookie tin (shown on the right) in the matching color, and you also get a recipe inside of the tin! So cute.

I also reserved the Side by Side Tote, in of course, Hello Dahlia.
And last but not least, the Turn Lock Wallet! It has a lot of room inside of it, and I just loved the turn lock feature. 

 Are you a Vera Bradley fan? What's your favorite color/print? I think some of it's adorable, but some of the prints aren't as pretty as they used to be.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

A few things I'm loving this Wednesday: 

 Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta! I already loved the original (filmed in NYC, if I am thinking correctly.)  Monte and Lori are hilarious, and I love Lori's Southern sayings! And come on, let's be honest, what girl doesn't love all things wedding related and looking at wedding gowns?

 Pink Women's Glitters Toms! I am definitely going to get a pair of these! So adorable.

Speak Now! I love this album, it's on repeat!

 Preppy Girl Meets World's Marley Lilly Monogrammed Scarf Giveaway!
I love this giveaway, I entered, and you should too! The scarves are just too cute!

My Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle! It's on my candle warmer 24/7! It's my favorite scent from Yankee Candle.

This adorable book! It finally came in the mail today. So excited to read it.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! What are you loving this Wednesday?


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Album Review: Taylor Swift's Speak Now

You may or may not know that this album has already sold over a million copies in the first week of its release. But are Speak Now's sales equivalent to the quality of the album? 

Surprisingly to me, yes. I'm no die hard Taylor Swift fan, simply because our local radio will play her songs over and over again until I just want to hear no more of her. My sweet friend Hannah Lynn was nice enough to get me a copy of the CD, and she gave it to me in my biology class yesterday wrapped in pink gift tissue. 

What is my favorite song? I absolutely love Back to December (reportedly about ex Taylor Lautner). But my favorite is definitely Dear John. Oh, who am I kidding? I love them all!

In a nutshell, I would recommend this album if you love Taylor Swift, or her genre or music. I was very pleasantly surprised with it. 

Have you picked up a copy yet? If so, what's your favorite song? How impressed are you with the album?


Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh, Monday...I'm Sorry No One Likes You...And a Giveaway Opportunity from Pearls, Curls, and a Southern Girl!

Bonjour, fellow bloggers! I hope your Monday went as well as mine did. Not to say that Mondays are ever wonderful, it just was very smooth and nothing bad happened. (:

I'd like to tell you about an awesome giveaway going on over at Pearls, Curls, and a Southern Girl's  blog. You have a chance to win awesome things, and I'd suggest you entering it, I definitely am! It's the first giveaway I've ever entered, so wish me luck, and I wish you luck as well!

Here are the amazing prizes for the giveaway:
A Coast and Canter's women's tee. 

A Coast and Canter's koozie.

And last, and my favorite prize from the giveaway:

A 5 inch monogrammed decal, from 2PreppyGirls. Shown on the bottom left in pink script.

To learn more about the giveaway, visit this link: Pearls, Curls, and a Southern Girl

How exciting, y'all! Good luck, to those who enter!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm tickled...ORANGE AND PURPLE!

So, I know this my second post of the day. But, I'm absolutely ecstatic after coming across this on Clemson's athletic website. Clemson is hands down my favorite college football team. And Terrance "T.A." Ashe is from my hometown, so imagine my excitement when I came across this and it mentioned my hometown so many times in the first paragraph. It sounds lame, but it just makes me proud to be a Clemson fan. Check out some tidbits from the article:

 "Growing up in the small town of Cheraw, SC, Terrance Ashe, also known as "T.A." to his friends and teammates, was a multi-sport star. He excelled not only on the football field, but also on the baseball diamond at Cheraw High School. In fact as a junior, he helped lead the Cheraw High baseball squad to the state championship after an all-region season on the gridiron.
Ashe had a breakout season on the football field as a senior, when he scored 10 touchdowns, made the all-state team, and helped Cheraw High School win its first lowerstate title in 17 years. But even after this breakout senior season, Ashe still did not receive any scholarship offers. He had some contact with Coastal Carolina, Newberry, and Tusculum, who thought he would make a good walk-on, while a few Division II schools contacted him for baseball.
Knowing that he was going to have to walk on at any school he chose, Ashe decided to follow in the footsteps of his older brother and walk on at Clemson. Phillip was a walk-on defensive back for the Tigers when Terrance was in his youth. It was not only his older brother that led Ashe to Clemson" 

For the complete article, go here: Clemson Football Game Program Feature: Terrance Ashe

Cliff Matthews, senior defensive end for the University of South Carolina (yes I know, how funny, Terrance and Cliff on rival teams), is also from my hometown. To read more about him, go here: Player Bio: Cliff Matthews

So I guess after this post, it's no surprise that I absolutely love college football. What's your favorite college football team? Are any of its players from your town? Why are you a fan of the team you like?