Sunday, November 21, 2010

Couture Christmas

I did it, y'all! I got my new laptop ordered for Christmas! And I'm super excited.
But, what I'm more excited about is....

THIS JUICY COUTURE WIRELESS MOUSE! Yes, it's a splurge. A huge one. $68 in fact. And yes, my heart wanted the pink one. But my head said "Go with the silver, it will go with whatever laptop skin you want!"  
(Plus the silver just looks more expensive, in my opinion)

So, this brings me to my next question. Do any of y'all know where to get a super cute laptop skin? Vera has some cute ones, but I don't know, now that I ordered the Juicy mouse, I just feel like I need one that's a tad more on the glamorous side...and you know I would get a Juicy laptop skin to match...I just can't find one :/ Any ideas?
Hope you guys are having a blessed Sunday, and have a good week!


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